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Need to send a text message to a Wireless customer?
Just enter the Wireless phone number and your message.
They will receive it in seconds.

send to:  
    Enter the recipient's 10-digit Wireless phone number above.

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TriniShack's SMS Gateway Lite Version is for everyone who just wants SMS.
Faster Connection To TSTT's SMS Gateway.
Faster Loading Time.
Always Free.

Do You Have Your Own Website And Wish To Add Trini SMS Capability?
All You Need To Do Is Contact And We Will Help A Trini Out!

Trini Shack SMS Gateway Lite - Another Great Trini Service For All Our TriniShackers!
Don't Forget To Check Out The Main TriniShack Site On Your Way Out!

New SMS Website Available With Bonus Features including an SMS Phone Book!
Visit TriniSMS.NET

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