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this confused being still tal;kin up in he

i far as i can're still jumping from topic to topic...oh and don can't answer u he's not in work...

Hard to believe that a psychologist would argue Genetic Determinism without pointing out we’re not an independent entity. There’s no (observed) anima that sets us apart from the chain of causality. Our brain's computational circuitry fools us into thinking we know more than we do, what we call consciousness
Don, you are wrong again,

Epigenetics is actually a breakthrough which have been used to reverse the epigenetic changes, for instance in cancer patients…Eukaryotic Biology !
Don Quoted [imperfect sense = imperfect results]

Sorry Don, another branch of Physical Science know as Empiricism & Epistomolgy has NO room for “ID 10 T Error or Human Error”

Contrary to your flawed claim, experiments are repeated & it takes years to become a plausible scientific theory
Don Quoted…

[epigenetics is a scientific thesis but invalid]

Don this claim itself is a direct violation of the “Physical Law” & Occams Razor.On theoretical grounds, a subject matter cannot be deemed a “theory & invalid” at the same
The duration of this debate, you all been able to say “this /that theory is flawed” but none of you’ve been able to advocate your claims by logical contradictory theories that are within the realm of reason which is plausible and have been confirmed observationally; to challenge theories you oppose
Don, I believe any pseudo-intellectual who uses theory & belief in the same equation needs a semester on Science 101.

Don, In naturalism VS ID debates, theology and pseudo-science claims have no merit.

BTW Don, on theoretical grounds, your primordial ideology of ‘reasonable basis’ isn’t yet able to refute scientology
neurological science is not your area of expertise nor theology:i suggest u stay away from it...if i know super_sonic he will logically tear u apart...

by the way i'm a psychologist and my best friend is a biological engineer...bye for
again twins that are born from the same parents may grow up in a bad environment but it doesn't effect both...

even if one is diagnosed with cancer it still doesn't explain why it can't be reversed...
epigenetics is a scientific thesis but invalid,not all experiments can be tenets are confirmed observationally but remember the senses are imperfect which may count for their imperfect
lol....jack the ripper:don't get your panties tied up in a knot...i c u need a lesson on

anyways my shift is about to finish so i just wanted to say again your arguments have no reasonable basis...
Anyway Don, Free Will ?

There’s such a thing as ‘will’ but it is not ‘free’ unless our consciousness has a non-corporeal or supernatural origin.Our desires and capacities actually arise from a complex interaction between our biological inheritance and environment.We subjectively experience will, but it is by no means free.
Don, just to enlighten your understanding,

It’s the study of epigenetics that has been able to credit further genetic determinists theories which can now explain why twins of genetically identical DNA can be diversed and why one twin can be diagnosed with cancer while the other is not.
Don Man, first of all,

Science isnt ‘now’ advancing, it was just always progressing.

Science tenets are confirmed observationally but theology & religious doctrines are discreditable belief thesis

Theory VS Belief – [Science 101] again
So DonMan,

Don Quoted [doesn’t explain inequalities ? HUH ? ]

DonMan epigenetics ISSSS one of THE most valid scientific thesis and also a fundamental element of study in Genomics,Genetic Mutations,DNA Methylation,etc.(just to name a few)

Unless you just awoke from an antediluvian epoch, you’re seriously befuddled by theology

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