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 Trini ShoutOut BoX
hahahaa..i wouldn't even leh she shine my shoe with she tongue....
Mr. MaNiaC:
look at that moddacunt pig b witch nah...lookin all pitiful..sonic,give the gyul yuh bottom to suck nah. hopefully she go shut she nasty snatchhole!!
Mr. MaNiaC:
Canzy baby...why u ponging them fellas so gyul? loll
Mr. MaNiaC:
haha hawl yuh moddacunt!!
i would say blow me bitch, but Maniac might take it as an invitation....
Mr. MaNiaC:
this internal-b-witch, have to understand that if somebody calls her fat and ugly it doesn't mean they hate her, it only means they think she's fat and
all this argument abt, y we leave such vile comments on their pics, and yet they still can't give a reason of y they decided 2 post their pic here in d first place, if they didn't want it 2 be commented on or voted....
lol...ask who 2 strip on web cam, boi maniac as much as i value your opinion, i value my eyesight even more, i go take ah pass...
SUPer_SONic: ah miss good drama in here today...yeah boi don my mistake, ah remember d gyal had ah mole on d left side of she belly, and she name was melina...
nah boi maniac, it had gyal who look just like that medusa girl, who use to run down sonic on my space a fuh months, she use 2 go all on d cam fuh em and ting...

Mr. MaNiaC:
All yuh did really believe that's Medusa'a pics? hahaha
hahahaa... can't get more interesting than this...

well its nice 2 c Sonic and Maniac getting along again...and no sonic thats not the same medusa from my space, although she does look like her....
Mr. MaNiaC:
All that net woman u claim u have and u gettin bored fast? Ask bwitch to strip on cam for u nah..I'm sure she wud gladly do it..haaa

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