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trini shack - trinidad and tobago
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admin haul ur dry ass mudda kunt...u eh realize iz cuz ah we u fuckin u eh take tha water mark and put it on ur ass...cuz thas d only pic that is truely urs lol...
oh yeah and she claim to be better than most ah we because she holds a "degree" in what i am not sure ...more than likely its stupidity...
trini chica --> doh take on sweetsassy21 she is an illiterate, uneducated, ignorant dumb fuck...she cyah even spell dotish ...
Trini chica:
sweetsassy fuck u. dais all.
Ganja Gyul:
waz d rel scene people
scarface try not to be dissin east trinidad nah....
sabri waz up cuz
to trini chica------>
Sites like these are designed for desperate poeple like you who want to get rated! Well you got rated now why it is yuh complaining.Simply dont post yuh pics and you wont have ah ting to worry
Now tell me why would i want ah jack ass like u trinchica to see me eh? To go an run yuh blasted mouth and badtalk meh? You think i desperate for comments from men like u when in reality i get tonnes of lovely comments! Please ghul!!
fuh real eh nWo. that green 2 fella is a real buller..... more like aarongay than aaronkind
gosh d shack real borin'... steups where all d good pics gone?
admin! allyuh cyah do sumtin bout dat green2 fag?
wazzup GangaGyul bless up 2 d grande crew
i hear dat fella does be rating himself...

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