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To buried simply means ur tollo prb stinks thts all! So you think i'm a retard ? My dear, never judge a book by its covers after all appearances can be deceiving.
sexy kerry:
i dey ahamid wah goin on?
whats de scene kerry
sexy kerry:
lol... hey people... rel drama in here boi
nWo.. respect fada.yuh talkin the truth dey.....i wonderin that same must be get all he cousin an thing to vote for

nWo i was wonderin d same thing sweety
alyuh arguin ova shit...wen de real topic de ass it hav 721 people on dis planet dat votin for dat aaronkind fella??
hey electra..sup..long time no see
whey.all that hate jed........why allyuh diggin horrors over eachother for?
... ur intelligence rel off the hook u really smart to come up with something like that... anyways leh me doh prey on the retarded & mentally challenged --> i go leave yuh alone..
sweetsassy --> before u start to ignore could u kindly explain "toelee maybe small and doess fart fart shit shit!!!! " sorry i don't understand
aye ruffness..change yor avatar...dais de same as mines
hahahahahahh@ all dis drama
scarface and buried alive i forgot to mention allyuh toelee maybe small and doess fart fart shit shit!!!! lolllllllllll no wonder allyuh hardup!! Right ignoring all of your comments from now.
scarface and buried alive from today i shall start ignoring u guyd since u guys have nothing worthy to say or worth responding to and find some other gal to waste allyuh bad breath behind!!

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