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trini shack - trinidad and tobago
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I doe like how the site looking now
sweetsassy --> i won't be here ova the weekend so i guess we'll continue dis on mondday.... bye shackers have a safe weekend!
aye watch nah... WHAT THE FUCK YOU DO THE SITE !!!!!!! AHHHHHH....
please before u "buss" my head try and learn to spell "doetish" ... scar she threaten' the jewels she mad oh wha?
sweetsassy --> girl u crack me up ... doh worry for my man he get ah good oman he have no cause for complaints.. but thanks for the concern.
ah sorry for yuh man though!! lol
and by the way i thought buried alive was ah surely do chat like one thts why i was talkin abt yuh toelee..anyway if yuh is ah gal no offense!!! lol

Ah sorry yuh man though!! lol
orgasms you call tht an achievement?? Well in tht case hmmmmmmmm i guess i'm an over acheiver !!!!
and scarface you'll have to rename yourself to scarstones cuz ah go have to buss yuh stones for yuh!
You guys are really testing my temper ....buried alive when i'm finished with you'll have to rename yourself to "busshead", cuss ah go have to buss yuh head for yuh! To insert some sense manually.
mandingo --> i can assure u that i am no fella ... not sure why the "retard" would think that but i jus harrassin she because i hate stupid pple
whoaaaa Site Looking Flashy jred .. Evil wah u say they,, i eh go Deal wit you girl,,,aarondkind i still seeing yuh Kunt Face dey on Highest rated,,, I goin & rate yuh Sorry Ass kunt "1" for that
wait dis soapopera confusin me..i thought buriedalive was a fella?....den who toelee sweetsassy was talkn bout
oh u want to know what i achieve --> well i get ah gud man to love me ... i doh mean to bring my bedroom business on d shack but i achieve orgasms ova and ova and ova --> gud enough for u?
sweetsassy: --> just to let u know havin "booksense" but no "common sense" is sad... u need some help .. scar she have to be unstable man doh study she i think i cud handle she

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