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Fixed the upload problem.
i seein although i stop coming here often i aint missin much
aye amdmin wha really going i trying to put some pics n i only gettin error wha cuzin dat? n whe it it is with all dis chupid pics?
Mr. MaNiaC:
Haha Aye ah see meh name in the shoutbox. Fatty shut yuh ugly cunt!!! Yuh doh look appealing to my eyes. Bitch kiss my fuckin ass eh. Fat slobby obzuckie assfuck like u
all yuh go brave man...but seriously sweetlips daz y u does put ur pics up here 4...2 get comments so enjoy...peace
wayyyyyyyyy all ah dat dred..
MR.MANIAC i not as ignorant as u so i not even gona waste time with ah lowlife wana be getto gangster like
not happy 4 me, meh bess fren dead
sexy kerry:
mornin everybody...happy sunday
goodnite ppl. jus passin tru
Good Night pplz *MUAH*
sexy kerry:
woi wam ppl
right now there are 16 guests online...rum cork u sure u not drunk every time u come online!
Sunil, i prove wat..i speakin de doh talk bout loser..yuh in yor 30's and yuh still a virgin
Rum Cork:
hmmm..admins feel allyuh smart. ever since i commin in here it always have 25 fuckin Guests online. why alyuh set it so for? show actual figues nah man. shithongs

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