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trini shack - trinidad and tobago
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way all d civilized ppl gone..fadda jus now alyuh go take over d site...admin shame on u for is tru doh b on evil cuz he was jus statin ah peace
wham is lil children in herer ah wuh if the admin wuh cuss is he problem
what all dis drama bout?
You know Admin Evil right..cause u didnt hv 2 Curse ur the Admin here and if u dont show respect for Others how will ppl Respect you jred..And its Everybody Biz when u Post a Comment here.
I am not removing my watermark from my website. If you don't like it then leave.
thanks evil...i like my pants too lol

WOI BIG UP TO EVERYBODEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cloudy...i watching naruto going REAL GOOD....anywayz work was rela boring 2day. later peeps
allyuh come in de chat room nah
Aye admin doh be on evil eh... right right... And about d watermark bull shit... watch nah take dah shit off or i'll make sure nobody post a pic here again... I might hadda beg ppl and pay ppl... But it'll happen !
HEYYYY PEEPS!!!!!!!!WAZ UP?????aiiigght just sayin hi to ALLL meh trini peeps...LOVE U GUYS!!
sexy kerry:
hey shackers wats up???
yea Villa.. the logo watermark is automatic
Wham wham?? How everybody only checkin my profile so? Alyuh fass eh.
buh a a sweetsassy gyul dais u? ... wham we have words or wha'? LOL
Admin,thanks for taking the time to respond. u read what i wanted you to ,means i accomplished what i wanted, thanks, am going to eat cake now and doing don't be expecting any bye
lol @admins comments

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