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thanks, u should take all da energy u put into tryin to talk properly and get some education urself. than u go realize noone was talkin to u so that means mind ur own fuckin business
evil..pls explain dat statement bout cursing?...i dont get it...what the FUCK u talkin bout?
allyuh hav to be rel flickin board to spen de whole day talkin bout those dumb ass pants
vin ur pants are cool, i like it but to me it looks more like a guys pants so it's better on u
Admin wow you cursed, it takes a really special ,educated good person to express them self in that way,not any & every1 of the streets hv the ability to curse, you must be feeling really proud of ur self
olo villa , ur funny in a extra cute way
Watermarks are automatically placed on all photos as they are upload. If you thief if from somewhere thats your fuckin business.
in closing... jus stop dat shit
Why d friggin france alluh puttin alluh logo on ppl pics when i thiefin and sayin i know this person i seein big blasted trinishack on it ... alluh feel i dunno where i thief it from?
Yes miss sabri i realise u missin in action i wait here fuh yuh tail... anyway my complaint is
woi! goodnight ppl..SHOUT OUT TO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO! and d rest of d world....m... stars looking nice tonight
evil doh lie! yuh want meh pants...u like d colours lol muahahahahhhahahahah **coughs** muahahahahahahhhaa
Rum Cork:
wassup people
whats up sabrina how yuh doing gyal.
lol wham villa?

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