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Yea dave did u hear wht tht dogshit said!!!! nEIGHBOR OI NAH...AH DOH KNOW WHY HE DOH GO AND JOCK HE LIL LOLO
maniac go fuck me up bad..way de ass i look like i fraid he!! lol Allyuh really makin meh enjoy mehself...keep on bringin de comments
Any way ppl i'm havin such a fun time..Come on is dat all the comments you have for me..Comeon you can do better. It will take a whole lot more to get me angry.lololol.Anyway i'm gonnah enjoy myself whilst u assholes quarrel amonst urself.
My bros words were" Wht ah dry brown lookin cunt,No bress , no backside..and the puss maybe rottenin with cheese..Why yuh doh kick de shit out ah she" ahahahahahahahah. All i said was tru dat.
Ah doh know how tht stinkin ugly man tht trinichica have does lick she stinkin butu...ghul ah jus showed ur pic to meh family...they cah done laugh...Ithink his exact words were--->
Trinichica i think u jus described urself..lolllllll really...anyway talkin bt puss yours look like it does smell shit shit fart fart. Bleach is the only to help u..Anyway nobody wasnt talkin to u cunnyhole but yuh start meh up in this shit..Anyway..fuckoff yuh ugly nuni.
Trini chica:
maniac, what u think about lys? she fucking up my pics, check she out nah...
Trini chica:
hey aleemx316, hey maniac... whaz up ppl?
Trini chica:
sassy have issues.. she say she not desperate to hav ppl rate she pic, i think is otherwise. she fraid ppl see she nasty rottin pussy looking face... she so fuckin useless
wasupppl muahah
Mr. MaNiaC:
Is it my keyboard or me? Hmm
Mr. MaNiaC:
Lol Sassyskeg fuckin dotish!! She tink evil is a man. I bet that sassy is a black stink ass wrenkin kakpar. She tryin not to lok dotish ith all them shouts. Lol
Trini chica:
u doesn't have nothing better to do than fuck up ppl who just lookin to have some fun?? go and shave uh stinking hairy cyat nah girl... leave meh babes sinista and evil alone!
Trini chica:
oh gosh sassy, u letting every body see what ah big cunt u is! shut uh asshole an get outta the shack if it so nasty nah, dumb bitch!

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