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 Trini ShoutOut BoX
over doetish ah tellin yuh!!!!lol
Trinichica if it is u ignorin me why it is yuh respondin to my comments and sendin me prvt
and trinichica dont prvt message me again..i deleted ur message before i read it . If yuh have some sense put the message in the shout out box na...Only ppl i care abt i will take their private messages..
thank u crazy kid for ur private message....ya these ppl dont bother me i love to create havoc whereva i i beg of them pls keep bringing on the comments..i survive on these things u know .lollll
Trini chica:
in csae u haven't read these shout outs... you're the one making a fool of yourself... ranting and raving!
trinichica pls stop makin a fool of
Trini chica:
sassy fuck you!
Trini chica:
thanks maniac... woman would always hate on woman... and i doh give eh fuck waht women think about me!!! sassy hating on me since i doh know when and i couldnt be bothered babes...
Mr. MaNiaC:
:O All yuh I tink Trini Chica is incredibly gorgeous. Wot a woman!!
Mr. MaNiaC:
Trini Chica Lys is a fat maggot face. Yuh eh see that she buss real bad....
Mr. MaNiaC:
Ah bet that same dog does be blistering she butthole. Trini Chica..sassy flappin she leakin slack puss in yuh face so and yuh eh doin non?
Mr. MaNiaC:
Sheesh This big cunthole whoremonger talkin tru she kakahole..real shit she talkin.
Trini chica:
hey ppl, whats up today? see how i can ignore that fat cow sassy!!! look how she working up sheself nah

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