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lol...sonic u does always give good advice...u like oprah! so sonic, what keeping u busy these days? how mama doing?
waz d word!
is like fuckin young an restless up in here...
hahaha...yeh lookin fuh ah nex wife, d truth is yeh just lookin for second set ah problems with that idea...wat yeh need is ah gyal on d
arite Jonk....keep yeh belt need to get naked....

i think mr.maniac wnat some hutwuk from sonic
dem lovers still quarellin .. lol
Sonic boy i looking for a New Wife boy!!
Sonic boy i looking for a New Wife boy!!
Spnoc padna wat going on with u and Mr.Maniac? Allyuh drink some rum and call that georgie nah man...I dont want to have to take meh belf off
like yeh suffering with some form of anal retention!!!it seems like yeh obsessed with that particular part of d anatomy....with all that shit talk comming out from yeh mouth, ah sure yeh body decomposing by now!!!!
Mr. MaNiaC:
Sonic talk like a're the small piece of turd that stick to the asshole and just dont wanna fall off.
Maniac honestly: yeh just like a turd that, yeh does keep flushing, but yet keep resurfacing!!!

Mr. MaNiaC:
A big green latrine hole bottom fly sonic is...dont want to move from by yuh ass at all. geez
lol...yeh u up in my bussiness, but i need the life!!!i could c yeh trying to take d wind out of my sail...lost for words again huh...

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