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Saiyan1984:d 2 question yeh hav teh ask yehself is:who d f**k cares wat u have 2 say...and second who d f**k want to kno u....
lol why all yuh qurreling with a girl for and she real fucking up all yuh is true agh set of lil boys cussing each other for no reason do you all even know each other?
nah boi 4-cop...she sound to scary...i go take ah pass...she might rip meh
willkillu is ah gyul? she mussy like yuh sonic .. lollll
Willkillu: thanks for that indepth analysis, abt the ppl on the shack...u sound delusional to be honest...c shackerzzz this is what happens to u when u're Mom deprives u of breasts milk as a baby...
Buh WTF, i does c here atall boi...4-cop doh talk nah hoss...this person create an account just to "try" and f**k me

and watch d name Willkillu...i shock is ah woman talkin so...well here i go
sonic ah see u always in demand hoss .. lol
This site is full of little boys who were either molested by their father, have small dicks and cannot get a real woman
SUPer_SOnic was molested by his father..Small piggy piece of shit..
yeah Don...

work have meh busy for the last couple of weeks...
this place rel dead...Sonic wey yeh dey man...and y yeh not checking yeh e-mails...
been like that a now sinister
Sinister 4 7:
Place rel dead
like everybody abandon trinishack or what
place ded here tdy inno :|

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