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205 x 205 Pixels
11.07.2005 13:55
Rating:  10.00 [1 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Miscellaneous Images/what was your best memory of ss
what was your best memory of ss
what was your best memory of ss

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the moon jorts what was your best memory of ss something ah little easy on the eyes does any body remember this show from ttt

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toelee cheese

Join Date: 17.05.2005
Comments: 161
Sunny day, sweepin√?¬Ę√Ę‚??¬¨√Ę‚??¬Ę the clouds away,

A few of my favorites:

The surreal and colorful counting sequences that always ended with the baker falling down stairs with a tray piled high with pastries

The painter who painted numbers on various things: an umbrella; on slices of bread, using mustard and ketchup; on a cake, using cake icing; and even on a bald man's head

The King with 8 daughters in "The Land Of 8", with its syncopated rhythm, ending with the birth of Princess number 9

"The Land of Six"; "In the garden of the Queen of Six is where the Queen gets her kicks..."

The little doll house, and the 2 kittens who come in and upset everything; "...What's that small pitter pat? One - two - two kitty cats...."

But my absolute, all-time favorites were those crazy and sometimes psychedelic little animations, with their imaginative, dream-like imagery and often beautiful and evocative music;

"Letter E", with its haunting violin and sitar background music; "E... E.. See me.. eating a peach..sitting on my eagle, chasing a beagle, to the queen on her knees, under a tree, by the sea..."

"Nancy The Nanny Goat" backed by light, airy flute and harpsichord music; "Nanny goats who nibble on their nails and notice noodles are nutty!"

"Capital I"; " We all live in a capital I, in the middle of the desert, in the center of the sky..."

And I remember laughing at "Letter G" (or was it U?); which featured a gorilla strumming a ukulele and singing "tip toe through the tulips" a la Tiny Tim

11.07.2005 14:03 Offline toelee cheese webmaster at

Join Date: 25.03.2005
Comments: 2064

11.07.2005 14:57 Offline lanadelia

Join Date: 11.07.2005
Comments: 75
buh whe d hell

boy I feelin like I iz still 4 yrs old and i home and d friggiin sun blazing through we kutin buh ah in front d tv and ihearing d start up music ...............ding ding ding ding ding......and it ha d baby rollin down the BEACH in the sand...............ways daize long time now......

11.07.2005 17:54 Offline jhattoolal jhattoolal at

Join Date: 11.12.2004
Comments: 231

where my favourite red monster Elmo???

11.07.2005 19:55 Offline babygirl101
yuh mudder cunt

Join Date: 11.07.2005
Comments: 15
de best show after school

My favorite segments were the following:

1. Simon Soundman (the guy who could make the sounds and you'd have to guess what he was talking about)

2. Teeny Little Super Guy (the little guy on the cup who had a pet spoon and saved his friends in the kitchen)

3. I also remember the one where the girl brought her llama to have his teeth cleaned! I thought I was crazy for remembering that...

4. the song that went, "it's hip, hip, so hip to be a square!"

5. the typewriter segments where the typewriter would type out the letter of the day and something funny would happen to him

6. anything with Guy Smiley or Grover (but especially the big hamburger-little hamburger incident)

7. Captain Vegetable ("My name is Andy and I like candy...")

8. Ernie's "I don't want to live on the moon" song

9. "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same!"

10. Alistair Cookie with Monsterpiece Theatre, especially the one where he's trying to talk about "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest" but instead gets "Four Flew Over the Robin's Eggs" or something.

funny, funny stuff! overall, my favorite character was definitely Grover...

11.07.2005 20:03 Offline yuh mudder cunt yuhmuddercunt at

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something ah little easy on the eyes


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