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300 x 321 Pixels
30.03.2006 20:13
Rating:  7.25 [481 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Cutie lickle Babies/RIP Sean Luke
RIP Sean Luke
RIP Sean Luke

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Maya Maya Again RIP Sean Luke me and my sis bekka carousel

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why would someone do this to you?

Found: 95 comment(s) on 19 page(s). Displayed: comment 41 to 45.

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 22.12.2005
Comments: 207

because things like this happens all over the world... my heart goes out to his mother and his family..... as a mother myself i can understand the thoughts that are going thru her head....

as for those little fuks i hope u both go to jail where there are big men with big pricks who just waitin to buss open yuh bamsee hole..... and doh worry yuh go live thru it to go thru it another day... life's a bitch and soon u two will become one! stupid nasty minded degrading sadistic little fuks! : :lo

04.04.2006 13:11 Offline buried_alive

Join Date: 16.09.2003
Comments: 1087
whe de muddasss kunts

buh whe de fuk i reading here.....all yuh read whe

de famali ah dem killas say......dem have a right to live here(orange valley) people pelting dey house

with stones.........oh poor u...they should

kill alyuh dutty wotless muddas kunts

dem young devil dem showin no remorse de indain

singin in court and de african one watchin people like he is

a rude boy and look he tellin the physicatrist he

want to go to school n church....

oh fuk i really doh believe dis

04.04.2006 14:20 Offline neighba-oi

Join Date: 16.09.2003
Comments: 1087

how de fuk dem people did not start a riot

I hope when dey try dem and dey a

court give dema "slap on dey wrist and tell dem

dat was bad whe all you do ,doh do it again eh, ok

go n play now.

i hope is fukin riot and dey finnaly bun dong trini fukin dad.........wotless mudda kunt prime minister

and police

de bible says "by their fruits they shall be known"

04.04.2006 14:26 Offline neighba-oi

Join Date: 19.11.2005
Comments: 2975

Poor thing gone true hell ...ah real sorry 4 u....well now I am sure u r in a place where no one cannot hurt u again......dont worry, God will deal with the meaningless Jackass and dem who did u that......."what goes around comes around"...when they go in jail.....some one will put some thing up their ass and then they know how it does feel....

04.04.2006 15:09 Offline MrHell
advocatus diabloic

Join Date: 16.03.2006
Comments: 4
such a disturbing murder

the media should expose these disgusting criminals to the public so we can be aware of who exactly they are...We have a right to know their names and see their faces....why hide them!!!!

AS for sean luke..may his soul rest in peace

05.04.2006 01:40 Offline advocatus diabloic advocatusdiabolic at

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