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528 x 480 Pixels
02.08.2004 14:03
Rating:  6.00 [90 Vote(s)]

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beti Trini Sweetness mostwanted it's me again...muaaaaaaaaaaah to all  those lovely trini guys out there hey guys i just joined this boyfriend in from trini..i'm dominican

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Halloween Party and Nuts

Found: 88 comment(s) on 18 page(s). Displayed: comment 51 to 55.

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 16.05.2004
Comments: 237

first of all, yuh comment once agin shows yuh grow up in a PNM government, what yuh go do, throw a teacup at meh? If i knew who u were i would let my body guards deal with you, i don't want your nasty nigger blood on me. I'm guessing Halloween is the only time yuh could get into pier 1 with out the guards bracing yuh, at least yuh could rely on yuh mask, if yuh could tell the difference. And collie, you again, it does real bother yuh what i does be saying about your fellow killers eh? And u talking about me being repetitive, look at yuhself first kakahole. Atleast the things i 'suppossedly' repeating is the truth. Look around and ask yuhself, who commiting 99% of the crimes in the world, NIGGERS. And what is your deal with the project chick, i hope she ain't from they because if she is, she would have a mentality just like allyuh nasty black niggers.

15.10.2004 07:55 Offline trinidude trinidude2004 at

Join Date: 26.05.2003
Comments: 592

this man is one ass

so wha government u grow up under?? LOL the GOP?? LOL Whether u's a PNM or not EVERYBODY grow up under the PNM padna.

And I eh hadda throw nuttin or even lash yuh. My point is people like you who does be talking hateful shit on the internet like this is really all kinda lil namby pamby bullaman who dares not watch ppl hard in public.

U not goin to draw me into no race talk with yuh stupid ass.

All i could say is people like u need to get out more and stop reading the Probe

15.10.2004 13:51 Offline MystiK shadowfallx at

Join Date: 16.05.2004
Comments: 237

your right everyone grew up in a PNM government, but that doesn't mean u have to let people know that boy! And u talking about race talk, but telling me stop reading the 'probe', which incidentally is run by Indians . Yuh contradicting yourself left right and center. That's just a diplomatic way of saying coolie. And that bullshit about basically being a coward in public, come again, i have a black belt in karate and i'm currently studing kick boxing, so i could take care of myself. I ain't going to let one of your stupid people rob or kill me without a fight.

16.10.2004 03:50 Offline trinidude trinidude2004 at

Join Date: 26.05.2003
Comments: 592
well well

this weekend here is halloween, once again i dare you to come and say 1% of the shit u talkin there again friday or saturday night.

26.10.2004 03:14 Offline MystiK shadowfallx at

Join Date: 20.07.2004
Comments: 144

so yuh inpier1 friday nite.......well since ur d one who knows wat i look like.......holla at a nigga nah boy....oooppssss (eek) ........i think i said a wrong

27.10.2004 03:23 Offline mostwanted reaystillfly at

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Trini Sweetness

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it's me again...muaaaaaaaaaaah to all those lovely trini guys out there


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