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trini shack - trinidad and tobago
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Added by:
[ farah ]
File size:
15.8 KB
230 x 264 Pixels
25.05.2003 02:35
Rating:  3.78 [38 Vote(s)]

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eat allyuh hearts out t????®???¯???±???¯?¢â?š?¬h???­???§4L???¯fe me 3 members of d wildness apreciated crew dinner

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 10.05.2003
Comments: 76
deportation for de cyat then...

if u have a problem with trinidad...and im assuming u live here...then fukkin pack ure bags an leave!!...we cud do without an insignificant being such as ureself drunk tiger...and last time i checked...uhh...sweety..u are one of those retards! need for the big words to let anyone know ure smart...i aint gonna jab at ure intellect but i am gonna say u are deprived of common while we pushin education up our bout u stick a dog dick...

26.06.2003 23:03 Offline Krabby krabby_69 at

Join Date: 11.06.2003
Comments: 130
@ drunken tiger case you havn't '3rd world inhabitants' haven't quite been appreciative of your comments, regardless of however enlightening u think them to be.

So, get a f*** away,k?

01.07.2003 02:42 Offline loquita premiumblend at

Join Date: 10.05.2003
Comments: 76
the kat is fukked

well for someone who knows that they are free to express their opinion certainly is too damn stoopid to know that u express ure opinion while ure demeaning us *3rd world inhabitants* why dont you go look in the mirror at ure NYU self an realise that in a couple of years no matter how educated u are u will be a miserable piece of diarrhea with no family an with everyone commenting on ure lack of take that narcissistic attitude an shove it where it hurts the most u lil fukktard...oh an by the way...i aint in university yet...but i still have a greater sense of maturity that u

06.07.2003 19:55 Offline Krabby krabby_69 at

Join Date: 06.07.2003
Comments: 11

aye this gyal rel ugly... ugly fuh days. i dunno why u waste time to put up a pic here for nah. u and yuh sis does look like some allyuh does send ppl

07.07.2003 10:35 Offline speeddemon48 speeddemon48 at

Join Date: 10.05.2003
Comments: 76

when one shit hong like devin disappear...ah ass like rachael come in...who de ass is all u ppl???...takin ullyuh time to talk bout us an we duh even know who you ppl take time an doh talk bout me OR karel like dat yuh fukker...who de hell is u?

07.07.2003 19:17 Offline Krabby krabby_69 at

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3 members of d wildness apreciated crew


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