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720.4 KB
768 x 1024 Pixels
14.06.2009 22:23
Rating:  5.73 [44 Vote(s)]

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Justine Moniz NICE TWINS krystal shanti persaud Prostitutes

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at a wedding

Found: 151 comment(s) on 31 page(s). Displayed: comment 36 to 40.

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 09.05.2009
Comments: 63
heeeeheeee shut yuh fucking fat cyattt

You getting laid

you getting laid

you getting laid

yuh must be a fucking egg...cuz i cyah undastan dat

and so wat it have 1 asshole on the face of this earth stink enuff tuh fuck u

woopdeee doo

fox? grapes? i never yet see ah fox (like me as u say) running behind ah cattle????

if u is grapes, no vine cud hold u up?

u doh see the problem...get ah mirror

yuh fat black oogly, wat nice bout yuh skin, wat smile.....

show u our girl friends...please...they cyar be wusss than u fatso :l

16.07.2009 14:40 Offline canzy hot.sexypunkie at

Join Date: 10.04.2008
Comments: 171
No offense candy^^^

i doh tink she talking tuh u

Nicely said....

but mre simply.....fuck u fatcyat...

yuh still stink

no matter wat d fuck u stink ass say

16.07.2009 14:45 Offline D SPECIALIS k_ttip at

Join Date: 09.05.2009
Comments: 63
none taken^^^

But specialis as a fellow woman i fine this bitch shud be a lil more lady like and shut up and leave.

she speakin to the whole of trinishack wen she say allyuh shallow assholes!!!!!

yuh fat and ugly face facts

accept it

and shut yuh ass simple

who really slow

16.07.2009 14:49 Offline canzy hot.sexypunkie at

Join Date: 09.05.2009
Comments: 63
i is a lesbian

and still yuh cah get me!

16.07.2009 15:01 Offline canzy hot.sexypunkie at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
but you still take time to try to make fun of me...

canzy, yuh lesbian asshole... calling me unladylike... but you could never be fucking better than me... i dont have to hide, i fucking showing you my fucking face... show me yours... yuh fucking loser...

calling me fat and ugly not going to change a thing... so go on...

until you can prove that you prettier than me, yuh wasting yuh fokkin breath...

16.07.2009 15:12 Offline internal-b-witch at

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shanti persaud


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