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14.06.2009 22:23
Rating:  5.62 [45 Vote(s)]

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Justine Moniz NICE TWINS krystal shanti persaud Prostitutes

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at a wedding

Found: 151 comment(s) on 31 page(s). Displayed: comment 111 to 115.

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Author: Comment:
Mr. MaNiaC

Join Date: 29.01.2009
Comments: 74

for intelligent ppl like is possible.

why do u even have a computer if u dont know how to use it?

i guess u wanna show the world just what a slut u are.

24.07.2009 12:22 Offline Mr. MaNiaC at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66

are you serious?

what the hell is wrong with you?


look at that pic?

its the most decent pic here... nothing sexually explicit about it...

simple, sophisticated, classy, PG fucking 13...!!!!!!!

why would you call me a slut?

it seems to me the creatures of the male gender here... and that because i'm not sure it would be accurate to call you MEN... are seriously skewed...

if you cant see the beauty in THAT pic... you're crazy!!!!!!

24.07.2009 12:35 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
why is it okay for a girl to let you call her all kinds of names

but its not okay for a woman to stand up and say to fucking you, i'm beautiful...

well hear what right...

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, i like this pic and i'm sure others do too... if you dont like it, dont look at it, but that you make it your business to sit there and criticze shows that you're not only small minded, but low as well,

what do you think happens to girls who aren't light skinned or skinny or dont live up to whatever your standards of beauty are?

24.07.2009 12:40 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66

believe it or not...

there are many men who would find girls like me, who aren't skinny, or light skinned or meet those ridiculously high standards you limit yourselves to...

and guess what, we live fine lives...

so-called ugly girls are usually the ones with a beautiful character... but we are beautful too, not because you can't see it doesnt mean its not there...

but allyuh so, who like tuh go for looks, will end up getting horn, or left for someone better...

oh well, karma...

24.07.2009 12:51 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
because we all know who the sluts and bitches really are

its those sexy ones, who feel they so beautiful they could treat others as they please...

thats why they would treat tusty ass ugly fellas like you like the fucking shit you are...

and girls like me will sit on the sidelines leading our quiet but happy lives in comfort and laugh at you...

epecially when your hoe going for the nicer car or a bigger dick or whatever shiny thing attracts them...

so go on, spit on me, laugh at me, fuck me up

he who laughs last, laughs best...


24.07.2009 13:00 Offline internal-b-witch at

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shanti persaud


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