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14.06.2009 22:23
Rating:  5.62 [45 Vote(s)]

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Justine Moniz NICE TWINS krystal shanti persaud Prostitutes

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at a wedding

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
and btw

you can never make an ass out of me...

look whose laughin, wait thats right... no fokkin body...

you dont have to look at me if you dont want to inno...

GOD does have a sense of humor...

and if he put me here for you to laugh at so be it...

go on...

laugh at me,

laugh at how fat i am...

laugh at my color...

laugh at how you think you have the right to call me stink... now define what about me is stink?

laugh at my face...

laugh at my hair...

but remember this.

20.07.2009 09:08 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
when you're laughing at me

i'm fat because i could afford to be...

because i am confident enough in myself to know that no matter what you say about me, i'm happy and healthy...

if i cant get a man is okay, my father have money, he go buy me one...

if nobody likes me... its all good... i like myself...

and if you dont find me attractive, trust me, i saw some of your pics, its not me... its you, i'm not YOUR TYPE...

and thats fine... i said it before... i was just like you inno... in primary school...

20.07.2009 09:17 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 09.06.2009
Comments: 66
awaiting your responses...


you're NEVER going to have the last word...

20.07.2009 09:25 Offline internal-b-witch at

Join Date: 29.08.2008
Comments: 1316

yeh must be d 1 that is ah empty barrel....cuz iz not d 1 goin on ah rampage, by fulling my own pic with comments.....

ah think yeh missing d point here, let me c if u can understand this......your relationship to me is like paper, its neither my friend nor my enemy, if u see me as your enemy thats not my fault, i ain't loosing sleep thats for sure....lollllllll..........

hahaha u saw my pics, well atleast yeh know iz not your type....i doh go for oversize ting.....

20.07.2009 20:40 Offline SUPer_SONic

Join Date: 10.04.2008
Comments: 171

I think ppl feel yuh bottom mucky cuz they seeing muck under yuh arm! and yuh cud imagine ah woman have muck under she arm.....wat she have in she bottom?

Well anyways i done yes....I doh want the blame fuh wen u commit suicide an ting nuh....

you too freeky sitting down and commentin over an over on d same tin

I suggest doh yuh father should buy yuh slim fast it mite be cheaper than ah MAN and he cud same some money

it have a new one SLIM FAST:mission impossible

20.07.2009 20:41 Offline D SPECIALIS k_ttip at

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shanti persaud


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