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19.3 KB
170 x 422 Pixels
31.05.2003 00:28
Rating:  5.99 [51 Vote(s)]

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Mom and I Again! Dancee Kavita soca_baby soca_baby

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 30.05.2003
Comments: 169

yuh done know triniwitch...ah is all yours...hehhehhe

slash and dem betta know they have to pas through u first..ent? lol

08.07.2003 18:44 Offline SweetTriniTing

Join Date: 30.06.2003
Comments: 90

hmm yeah kavy like the don't know that will live in different places..hahah triniwitch i doh have to pass though you you could come too i taking on both of alyuh i tell you ah could handle both of you lol

09.07.2003 14:13 Offline slasher

Join Date: 30.05.2003
Comments: 169
in response to fu(k you

everyone is entitled to their opinion and shit so if u find ah ugly...all due respect to that but i just had to comment on the fact that you had the balls to call me a to some other pics posted on trinishack you come into MY pic and call me a whore????...that makes not one bit of sense

when haterz done know what the hell to say they staart making up some bogus shit..and you are the prime example of that..u don't know one thing about me or my lifestyle and you sit there watching a well clothed girl with a simple style (ugly in your eyes) and decide to call her a whore..that makes u a complete ass people have nothing to say d things that is come out ah their mouth eh it is make me laugh...

and thanks slash fah d since it seems that yuh know d

09.07.2003 18:01 Offline SweetTriniTing

Join Date: 05.07.2003
Comments: 81
sweeet !!!

oh gosh meh lover, yuh leave me and yuh gone, yuh leave me and yuh gone !!

come back to me darlin before yuh get .....

aye girl yuh know that song ?

well when ah saw yuh pic de indian blood fly up in meh head had to sing dat big chune fuh yuh!!

beautiful !! i must say..and good ting yuh wearing dat tika...yuh might ah get maljo....ayways check meh out and gimme ah shout aight baby i am listed

09.07.2003 20:32 Offline rudymax rudyrambo at

Join Date: 30.05.2003
Comments: 169

well babes thanks fah d too sweet

ah commin back home soon..doh worry

09.07.2003 21:51 Offline SweetTriniTing

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