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480 x 832 Pixels
16.12.2003 21:45
Rating:  4.04 [50 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Ladies/jus clik d pic to see!
jus clik d pic to see!
jus clik d pic to see!

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Sweet Indian Humble Pleasure jus clik d pic to see! talk yuh mind...wah yuh tink exotickim

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this is me and my buddy sammy! hes my security too lol.

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 22.03.2004
Comments: 49
Sarica is ah pack ah dry up ole bones

she cyar wine,,,,all yuh didn't see how she does be jumping in chutney soca...hah ah ha ha...

the belt coming out from the pants ,,,,,ha ha ha ha aha ha aha ha haa ha ha ha aha a aha ha ha ah aha h.....u make woman shame.....

25.03.2004 11:38 Offline Kerr diane_sie26 at

Join Date: 08.09.2003
Comments: 173
i make u shame?

u ent shame u cant spell? its sarika chick not the way u spelt it! and they really say only jealous ppl does talk yes! try again sweetheart, u totally need to get wid the program! u behind time!

29.03.2004 16:09 Offline s@r!/<a*~ hunniecone05 at

Join Date: 22.03.2004
Comments: 49
ha ha ah ah aha

I really dont care if i spelt your name correct or wrong.All the ppl u cooment on , u always with their spelling, like thats all u can jump at awha. Like if u know how to spell, probaly English is the only subject u probaly pass at Common Entrance level, cuz i dont think u move on to secondary school level. Let me get one thing straight jelousy is not my style darling, is just fact i telling u , if u getting offended thats your problem not mines. I need to get with d program, ha ha ha girl try and grow up nah , what is the program these days by the way? Taking man like u does? ha ha ha U probaly HIV positive by now, if u get a vagrant to sleep with u would go for it no joke. All u guys who want ah lil somthing check songtress Sarika ha ha ha. U like u does jus want ppl to chat with u , the way how u does jus give out ur email. Girl u reall sickening.

31.03.2004 08:54 Offline Kerr diane_sie26 at
d RudeBwoy

Join Date: 12.03.2004
Comments: 11
Oh Lawd!!!

Gyul u lookin real good...doh mind wha dem ppl say bout u...u still sexy

01.04.2004 00:54 Offline d RudeBwoy ghost_003 at

Join Date: 08.09.2003
Comments: 173

apparently u really jealous and u got real beef wid me girl cuz u have alot to say eh! writing up a bio on me or somting? am i of that importance to u for u to come here and talk yuh talk? well neway these are the tings celebreties live like u

laters chick!

05.04.2004 11:42 Offline s@r!/<a*~ hunniecone05 at

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talk yuh mind...wah yuh tink


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