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Added by:
[ illone ]
File size:
70.1 KB
600 x 450 Pixels
26.12.2007 03:33
Rating:  4.21 [196 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Ladies/Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle

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hot!! 2 best ting Anil's sexy wife Michelle dev in cousin wedding beauty

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
And BTW Retard !

Dont even bother because you honestly make a complete jackass out of ur loser ass when u start with ur appalling labass coolie expletive kinda language. How deep in da bush r u from dude.

Dam ! You sound like utterly terrible.

Have you no shame about the way you assassinate ur own character by behaving like such a retard. A simple thing called self-mortification.

Ur either a helpless dim-wit or a hopeless retard from a bad backgroud.

17.01.2008 14:05 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
Illone LMAO

It's big words for you ANIL cuz ur a DUNCE QUACK ! Foolish,childish, retarded, with a touch of DYSLEXIA not to mention having 47 chromosomes and judging from ur pic ...i cant blame an ugly black toolum coolie like urself TO TAKE WAT DA HELL U GET!

Talk done my foot...

You get more n more pathethic !

INFACT ! Ur Hideous Corbeau lookin wife is such a pappy show and ur lame ass is such a clown dat ur actually entertaining.

17.01.2008 14:25 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
Anil Ramhit

A DYSLEXIA and intelligence-deficient like urself who undeniably CANNOT understand proper english and much less USE proper english shouldnt go around calling other ppl dum.

DUDE ! ur loosing it. I can see right through and I have evidently stripped u of ur last drop of self-esteem.

Dont take it too hard. I guess if i never see u in here again i would assume u drink a bottle of lanate.

17.01.2008 14:32 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296

Man pissed !

Dam I pushed his buttons !

Its all about BITCHOLOGY!

17.01.2008 14:41 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 03.02.2007
Comments: 62
very tru sexylady

u is a smart gul....fee tru...

dis damn dumb n dottish useless excuse for a man look whe de fuk he say first u go tell d hole world dat u jess bull she in bathroom daz why she lookin so.....dem u tell all d fella dem while dem fantasizing about she she suckin your cock....wat kinda man go talk about a woman like dat...serioulsy...sounds to me like this is de first taste ah cat u get or maybe some sweat rice cuz i obvious she is a hoe to let u take pics like dat.

17.01.2008 15:34 Offline scoobs

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