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Added by:
[ illone ]
File size:
70.1 KB
600 x 450 Pixels
26.12.2007 03:33
Rating:  4.21 [196 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Ladies/Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle

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hot!! 2 best ting Anil's sexy wife Michelle dev in cousin wedding beauty

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 16.09.2003
Comments: 1087
oh u admit it then

so u finally admit it.....u really pick this thing up in a hoe house......and all this while I thinkin poom poom just being an ass by saying she from tokyo hoe house in for me having a pocket full ah money in a hoe house that would be only because i pimping thing like your oman (she doh really pull in all that much anyway but still i dont think she does do it for the money)

15.01.2008 12:44 Offline neighba-oi

Join Date: 08.03.2005
Comments: 27
cunny pus fella u showin signs of weakness

soldiar everytime u leave a comment u gettin more and more desperate lookin for answers how to get at me, well is ole news but yuh cant win this cuz at de end of the night u pissin in ur enamel posey an suckin ur thumb til u sleep away wit me an my oman in ur mind constantly thats y u cant let go

try harder loser,u an ur man an them is ants in my jungle son, then again the way u chewin on poom wood i would think allyuh is termites yes anyhow come better

15.01.2008 14:09 Offline illone

Join Date: 03.02.2007
Comments: 62
rel battle in here

wham neighba and poompoom.........all yuh let the man buss shots on all yuh jess so with no reply.

personally i think he fuk up is just shows desperation and he trying sound all cool n ting like he a gangsta......rel bad man internet gangsta.

padner all i have to say is either u rel fukin ugly to find this canal conch oman u have to be sexy....I sorry but i dont see it....she damn forehead look like u does buss dry coconut on it.

16.01.2008 19:55 Offline scoobs

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
Anil Says :

Quote"i kno for a fact i gettin under allyuh skin, im #1 when it comes to pushin allyuh buttons"

If u ask me ! each derrogatory comment made abt dis pic really pushed YOUR BUTTONS.All d insulting commentors 4 this pic seems to be having fun rather dan being affronted in any way.

Take a good look at d real pic here...Ur the idiot who suffered d indignity by posting ur "wife" pic on d net & exposed her to all this humiliation.

u gave all these commentors d privilege of disrespectin u&ur wife.

17.01.2008 13:27 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296

you cant push anybody's buttons.

U know each of ur lame response to their insults is actually anticipated.& 4 a guy who is trying so profusely 2 be daunting ur best is obviously not good enough.ur tough exterior is such a fake.Ppl can see right through u via your comments. You r evidently weak n sore to the touch.

& 4 a man ur age your come-backs r really lame & ur repetitive, disgusting, bush coolie expletive responses surely reveals that u have NO CLASS & NO INTELLIGENCE

Take dat & smoke i

17.01.2008 13:52 Offline LadySexy

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