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Added by:
[ illone ]
File size:
70.1 KB
600 x 450 Pixels
26.12.2007 03:33
Rating:  4.21 [196 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Ladies/Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle

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hot!! 2 best ting Anil's sexy wife Michelle dev in cousin wedding beauty

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 08.03.2005
Comments: 27
neibgha u only coming out when it have back up lol

i doh even pay attention to u anymore u aint worth it..u fraid me..anyhow i have more pics of my sexy michelle coming, plz feel free to give me y'all insight..ladysexy be honest u hate me cuz u want to be the MAN wit more talks or u hate me cuz my oman adorable and ur jus an angry loser who talkin a mile a minute but aint sayin nothin significant? u think u riding high on a sight but in reality ur less than nothin..anyhow IM BOSS HERE AND IN REAL WORLD TOO LOL

19.01.2008 11:22 Offline illone

Join Date: 16.09.2003
Comments: 1087
well yes pupa,

u rel have serious issues...boy whe u go when maniac pull whe dah skette from u....I don tell u to use she to your fullest...sell coconut by the beach she done have the forehaed to spilt open dem coconut with one shot...BAM...den u collect money and pass de coconut...

19.01.2008 14:44 Offline neighba-oi

Join Date: 16.01.2008
Comments: 5

By the way congrats Anil and Michelle on yr wedding.I hope 1 day I could find me a wife as sexy as yr wife Michelle!!

Anil If ladysexy wanna talk up in she ass...and judge ppl pic's she must be ulgy no ass...u know dats d scene rite dere.'

All dem man and dem talkin up n dere ass they wished dey had a godess like u do...u know u holdin it down!!

Anil pay no attention to ppl like dem they jus livin on trini shark and have nothin bettta to do...they roll but they cold!!

sty sweet Michelle!! (

19.01.2008 16:57 Offline rudeman madmanmickey at

Join Date: 08.03.2005
Comments: 27
reyman u aint lie na

soldiar dem hating cuz i put up a pic of my oman..wel i never see more, boy an u kno wat i love bout this girl..she has a golden heart, she's the kinda woman will do anyting for me, she's so funny an makes me laff non she rel sexy an very generous she gives more than she receives an im like that too. thats y i rel love she..but haterz like ladysexy an them have no life they living here to hate on ppl who happy and content on wat dey have. oh well

19.01.2008 17:15 Offline illone

Join Date: 08.03.2005
Comments: 27

lol neighba, maniac take she away?? dat would be the day..neighba i kno u like she but u bussin style. watch meh to be honest i kno deep down u and ur hater frens an them will fall as deep in love with she like i did if allyuh had a doh fool yuhself..anyhow sell coconut u say? pal u cant have wat i have u cant drive wat i drive u cant wear wat i does sellin coconuts is the last ting i wana do..come better na man stuepz..i jus waitn for a hundread comments to be posted..quota

19.01.2008 17:23 Offline illone

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