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Added by:
[ illone ]
File size:
70.1 KB
600 x 450 Pixels
26.12.2007 03:33
Rating:  4.21 [196 Vote(s)]

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 Home/Ladies/Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle
Anil's sexy wife Michelle

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hot!! 2 best ting Anil's sexy wife Michelle dev in cousin wedding beauty

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Author: Comment:

Join Date: 03.02.2007
Comments: 62
so wham dread

immigration she post she fat as back to tnt or wat....aye doh worry hoss u could get that now...she leggo in thing, maniac and anil doz be tag teaming that check out the pics maniac post up too

18.01.2008 02:59 Offline scoobs

Join Date: 16.09.2003
Comments: 1087
lawd have mercy rel battle I doz be missing out on.

oh shit look how he tryin to act all senitive now..

Michelle i love like no otherz baby ur the bomb! my lil sexy wife kisses..i had to do someting rel good to end up with a oman like hun,despite haterz in the midst may we live life to the fullest and grow inlove as each day goes by....

wham how come u change yuh tune hoss......i thought u was d baddest cock man out there

18.01.2008 13:53 Offline neighba-oi

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
Anil RamSHIT...

A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND.R u dat humiliated u resorting to have ppl empathize wit u now.Go crawl back under the rock u came from.U mor pathetic than I thought.Furthermore u not even challenging wit ur lousy,lame n rotten lines.And do u find it necessary to give me reason why you THINK women like u.PSHHHHHHHH.

R u dat easily intimidated. HA ! Ur an ultimate loser DUDE!

Jesus loves u but everyone else thinks ur an idiot.

18.01.2008 21:26 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296
Anil Douchebag RamSHIT

Donít tell me I behave worst dan a man just because I piss u off.Dats the game plan DUDE!Only a fool will react as irate & defensive as u r doing rite now.Internet badman!U can tell a lot about ppl by their behaviour and ur as lame as it gets and dumb as a brick with an extra chromosome.You shouldnít let ur mind wonder its wayyyyyyyyyyyy to small to be out on its own.

18.01.2008 21:29 Offline LadySexy

Join Date: 13.05.2007
Comments: 296

Look who talkin about personal issues!U openly reveal 2 everybody dat u hav a terrible case of sublimated narcissistic discharge and libidinous oral anxiety.CHECK URSELF DUDE!Stable ppl donít divulge dem things on the net.Is like u cryin out 4 help.U got serious issues.

Needless to say everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you're abusing the privilege.

Ur a big man stop acting like 12 and have some shame!

& take dat

18.01.2008 21:33 Offline LadySexy

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