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TriniShack GuestBook - Feedback from our fellow Trini Shackers
22.01.2008 14:44

yo yo yo,,,,this site is fun but some ppl gotz no mind in what shiznit they tlkin..and most doz b worst lookin yuh know,lol.any ways.....i lik this shiznit cuz it is lotsz a drama...and drama is my middle name.lmfao...peace out and keep hatin my pplz..!!!KEEP HATING...its MAKING ME POPULAR!!!


  Latoya from west
14.01.2008 08:03

hihihih my people



03.01.2008 12:30

Hello ppl.......wazzzzzz allyuh real plan


15.12.2007 23:17

waayyyy...dis site like it sweeter dan trinipulse....ah love it, ah love it, ah love it

nuff love ppl

hit me up nah



  Latoya from west
08.11.2007 07:24

hi ya'll I'm new here

give me the hits




see ya


people (


06.11.2007 13:41

wuz De scenez allYUh

http:// tease 2 please

18.10.2007 16:16

wuz up people.....big up to all de sexy fellaz out there!!!!! need to see some more skin though!!! Hey ladies love ur men and love rum!!(cheers)


16.08.2007 13:44

Heres How To Learn And Master Sexual Communication [share] [email]

Apr 29, 2007 3:11 PM

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I know that this might sound a little bit "hard to believe", but it's the truth.

Take it from someone who has studied just about everything available on the topic????????? what I'm talking about here isn't discussed ANYWHERE else.

I call this program "Sexual Communication: A Man's Guide To Understanding And Using The Secret Language Of Attraction".

In this program, I will personally teach you:


The history and evolution of why women feel ATTRACTION for some men, and not for others


The secrets of men who are AMAZINGLY successful with women


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How the "instinctive" courtship process works with HUMANS????????? and how you can use this information to attract women that are "out of your league"


The four separate components of Sexual Communication, and how they fit and work together


The key beliefs that you need to change in order to succeed with women


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How to get in touch with the "masculine" side of your own personality, and amplify it so you MAGNETICALLY attract women


Why women test men, and why 99% of men never even realize it's happening (which makes them fail these tests almost every time)


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A detailed explanation of what "Sexual Tension" is, how to create it, and how to actually CREATE "Chemistry" between you and the women you want to attract


Specific techniques to "spark" this "Chemistry" or "Sexual Tension" so women start communicating differently with you RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING


How to "flirt" with women and communicate with them in a way that makes them feel Attraction for you????????? while avoiding the response of "This guy is a pervert who only wants to get into my pants" that so many guys get from women


How to flirt NON-VERBALLY????????? in other words, with your body language alone


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Exercises for starting conversations, using Cocky & Funny with women, and continuing to use Sexual Communication throughout your interactions


How to use your body language, voice tone, and eye contact in ways that communicate on a SEXUAL level with women, and make them respond by feeling a powerful EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION for you that they cannot control


The right way - and the WRONG way - to use "romance" with women. Hint: Most guys use it the WRONG way


How to avoid that feeling that you're "risking everything" if you ask a woman out, try to kiss her, or try to "get physical" with her


How to create ANTICIPATION, and make women WANT you to take things to the next level


My secret process for amplifying Attraction with women


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